Welcome to the PRIME Strategy XCEL Summit!

Stephanie Davenport

President & CEO, PRIME Strategy, Inc.

You may say to yourself that this XCEL Summit has been a long time coming! And we are in agreement. 

At PRIME Strategy, our mission is to help individuals and organizations thrive and remain relevant in the face of accelerating change. We do this for ourselves and our clients by driving Smarter Strategy, Better Execution and Beyond “Status Quo” results. We are passionate about business excellence and laser focused on results!


We are launching the 2020s with a focus on driving a decade of “game changing” entrepreneurial excellence.  XCEL Summits are multi-brand and industry focused to develop and support a robust pipeline of global entrepreneurs well-known for excellence. 


XCEL is where entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders: 



We are taking “being in business for yourself but not by yourself” to a new level by providing opportunities for men and women entrepreneurs to interact and network with one another and with business leaders of stakeholder organizations.



Together we will tackle common challenges and seize collaborative innovation opportunities including but not limited to exploring talent pool solutions, food authenticity and safety, gaps in technology solutions available vs. available advanced technology capabilities, and barrier-free access to capital.



The XCEL experience is growth focused. In addition to considering the best sources of capital for starting, operating and growing a business, the XCEL experience considers the entrepreneur’s ongoing development, expertise in building winning teams, leverage of strategic partners, deal making savvy, and legacy mindset as key to game changing excellence.



XCEL is where “Entrepreneurs help Entrepreneurs XCEL”, while also inspiring rising entrepreneurs toward a level of game-changing business excellence that yields significant ROI.



​A special part of this ongoing XCEL Summit is the Awards Dinner & Celebration where we will recognize and honor several cross-industry individuals and organizations for various categories of Entrepreneurial Excellence.

The XCEL Summit is designed to launch a focus on the Quick Service, Fast Casual, and Casual segments of the Hospitality / Restaurant industry. 


According to the National Restaurant Association, U.S. restaurant revenues are estimated to reach a record high of $863 Billion in 2019, up 3.6% over 2018. The industry stakeholders are many including companies that supply Food & Beverage, Technology Solutions, Business Solutions, Equipment, Financial Services, Insurance and Risk Management, Research / Analytics, Telecom Services, Transportation, and Health & Nutrition expertise.


The industry is evolving as consumer demand impacts menus and opens the door to new entrants, while advances in technology and digital capabilities enable greater operational efficiencies and convenience.


Many of America’s favorite restaurant chains and cross industry stakeholders have deemed diversity, equity and inclusion to be vital to their ongoing success. Restaurant companies continue to make strides to increase their diversity footprint relative to owners, operators, suppliers and solution partners as more entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities in this industry.


The competition is fierce among Franchisors and other Owners for qualified Franchisees / Operators and entrepreneur minded talent to take on General Manager (Run it like you own it) roles. 


We are inviting a diverse collaborative audience of entrepreneurs, experts and influencers to join and help shape this industry focused effort to build and sustain a pipeline of global Black entrepreneurs well-known for excellence.  Together, a multi-cultural audience can establish a model for addressing the key challenges and barriers that hinder desired levels of diversity in the Owner / Operator roles. This model will serve as a strong enabler to address broader minority entrepreneur participation across the industry.


Though several chain specific Black/ Minority Operator forums exist, all chains and individual restaurants stand to benefit from this industry-wide collaboration, as no one chain or organization has or can solve this gap alone.


We believe that together Owners, Operators, and broad cross-industry stakeholders can accelerate the pace of gap closure and help make the 2020s a decade of game-changing entrepreneurial excellence!




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